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Biotech in South Africa

About Me

Hi! I’m Sona.


I’m immensely excited by the growing biotechnology scene in South Africa and this blog is an attempt to share all the interesting and inspiring trends and start-ups that I come across. I occasionally also write pieces at the intersection of ethics, philosophy and biology. The synthetic biology revolution is going to be exciting, daunting and confusing. But most of all, it’s going to be fun.

Latest From The Blog

  • I recently applied to a synthetic biology public policy fellowship to better understand how to structure policies and implement them in the synthetic biology sector. Turns out, I have a very strong op

  • Adrienne is the Director of Ecosystem Partnerships at 54gene and the host of ABC – Africa Biotech Conversations. In her podcast, she profiles biotech start-ups, stakeholders, trends and innovations –

  • For me, patents are like my first car, a second hand ’94 Opel Monza. It worked technically. But it could have been much much better. IP talk is everywhere. If you’re a biotech company, you’re most pro

  • It’s jarring living in South Africa sometimes – One minute you’re talking to people in the neighbouring building working on NextGen therapeutics, and the next you’re notified that 6-hour daily power o

  • In our attempt to support leaders from under-represented groups, I feel like constantly labelling these leaders in the media only ever as women founders or Indian entrepreneurs does not assist in solv

  • I love the trend where entrepreneurs are sharing their pitch decks which they used to communicate their message and raise funding with… …except I had not seen any by biotech entrepreneurs, until I cam